Nabucco: End of Year Chorus

All current and old members of College are invited to join the Chapel Choir and the Worcester Allsorts (Staff Choir) in a performance of the beautiful Prisoners’ Chorus from Verdi’s Nabucco for a premiere at 6 pm on Friday of 8th week (Friday 19 June). Please don’t worry if you don’t regard yourself as a solo singer: your recording will be combined with those of many others to achieve a wonderful choral effect.

You will be able to hear it from 6 pm on our social media channels on 19 June.

Instructions:  The musical score, and an accompaniment track, can be downloaded below. The music is sung in unison (tenors and basses an octave lower than sopranos and altos).

  1. You will need two devices, one to listen to the accompaniment track with headphones, (e.g. your laptop) and the other to record yourself singing along with that accompaniment (e.g. your phone). Do not make a video recording: we need voice only in an audio recording.
  2. The pulse is slow (crotchet = c.42). The accompaniment track has a one bar count-in [1 and 2 and and 4]. You should press record after the count-in at the beginning of the bar. Keep recording for one bar after you have finished singing.
  3. Listen to the accompaniment a few times before you try recording.
  4. Your voice-only recording should be sent to by no later than Thursday of 8th week (Thursday, 11 June) at 12 pm.