The College Grace

Following the Composition Prize Finals for a setting of the College Grace, here it is, in Latin and English.

Nos miseri homines et egeni, pro cibis quos nobis ad corporis subsidium benigne es largitus, tibi Deus onmipotens, Pater caelestis, gratias reverenter agimus; simul obsecrantes, ut iis sobries, modeste, atque grate utamur. Insuper petimus, ut cibum angelorum, verum panem caelestem, verbum Dei aeternum, Dominum nostrun Jesum Christum, nobis impertiaris: utque illo mens nostra pascatur, et per carnem et sanguinem ejus foveamur, alamur, et corroboremur. Amen,

We unhappy and unworthy men do give thee most reverent thanks, almighty God, our heavenly Father, for the victuals which thou hast bestowed on us for the sustenance of the body, at the same time beseeching thee that we may use them soberly, modestly and gratefully. And above all we beseech thee to inpart to us the food of angels, the true bread of heaven, the eternal word of God, Jesus Christ our Lord, so that the mind of each of us may feed on him and that through his flesh and blood we may be sustained, nourished and strengthened. Amen.

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