Oxford and Cambridge Singing School

The chapel community at Worcester College were delighted to welcome 60 children from across Oxfordshire to Worcester at Christmas time. Children of between the ages of 7 and 13 participated in a two day singing course in the chapel and enjoyed learning new carols alongside more well known ones. In addition to tuition in singing, children also enjoyed taking part in classes on music theory and listening, where they composed descants, wrote their own carols and learned about how carols are incorporated into larger pieces. 

The course was directed by Edward Wickham, Director of Music at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, Thomas Allery of Worcester College, and Ghislane Reece-Trapp. 

This made a joyous final musical offering in the chapel before the College closed for Christmas. 

Watch out for more singing courses with the Oxford and Cambridge Singing School on their website: 


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