The Chapel during the Pandemic

For the duration of the present emergency, the Chapel continues to operate under procedures which adhere to the rules of the University, the College, and the Church of England and the guidance of the Royal School of Church Music.

last updated 22 July 2021


  • The Chapel is now open to members and staff of the College, for services and for private prayer. We regret that it is not yet possible for members of the public to visit the Chapel or attend services except by specific arrangement.
  • Everyone will follow the Covid policies of the College and University and of the Church of England when in the Chapel, as communicated to them through signage.
  • The secure limit is now 70 persons (all inclusive). Whenever possible the door and some windows will be kept open while people are inside the Chapel. Everyone should sanitize their hands before entering, wear a face covering unless exempt, and sit in one of the stalls as indicated by signage.


  • Cleaning will follow an established procedure which takes the Chapel building risk assessment into account.