The Chapel in Trinity Term 2021

For the duration of the present emergency, the Chapel will be operating under the following procedures which adhere to the rules of the University, the College, and the Church of England and the guidance of the Royal School of Church Music (last updated April 2021).


  • The Chapel will be open for services but, regrettably, not otherwise.
  • There will be choral services in the Chapel on Sunday (Evensong, 1800), Monday (Evening Prayer, 1815), and Thursday (Evensong, 1815).
  • All services in Chapel will be live-streamed on our Facebook page so that those unable to attend in person can access them.
  • We regret that for the time being attendance at services in Chapel will only be open to current members and staff of the College, subject to space being available. Members of the congregation will need to give their names at the door. An attendance record of the choir will be taken by the Director of Music.
  • Everyone will follow the Covid policies of the College and University and of the Church of England when in the Chapel, as communicated to them through signage. In the event of illness or another emergency, the first point of contact remains the Lodge.

Arrangement of the Chapel

  • The Chapel has been outfitted in a Covid-secure manner in agreement with the Head of Works. The ramp and stairs should be used according to the signage. All should sanitize hands before entering the Chapel, and after leaving. The secure limit is 40 persons (all-inclusive). There are therefore 27 physically distanced places available for the congregation (which are marked in the stalls) assuming 9 singers, 2 musicians, and 2 ministers. Whenever possible the door and some windows will be kept open while people are inside the Chapel.
  • Hymn books and prayer books have been temporarily removed from the Chapel. If someone desires an order of service, a single-use paper copy can be provided (and taken away by the user at the end of the service).


  • The Chapel will be cleaned at 7 am and 11 am daily (subject to change). Cleaning will follow an established procedure which takes the Chapel building risk assessment into account.

The Choir

  • The Choir will be divided into small consorts, which will split the services between them.
  • The Choir will be singing from chairs in the east end (near the altar); all will face in one direction to sing. Perspex screens separate the east end from the rest of the Chapel.

The Revd Dr TESS KUIN LAWTON, Chaplain

21 April 2021